Grow your practice

Differentiated technology and a unique care model set your practice apart

Differentiate in your market

One of the biggest benefits of incorporating Earlens into your product offering is a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself within your local market.

Since Earlens is the first and only nonsurgical direct drive hearing solution, it presents a compelling reason for patients to visit (or re-visit) your practice. This marketing advantage, together with the multidisciplinary care approach that combines the expertise of an ENT physician and audiologist, creates a new opportunity to sustain your competitive advantage and grow your business.

Earlens wants to ensure successful outcomes for both your patients and your practice. Our provider benefits program is intended to help you capture the patient satisfaction and practice growth benefits that Earlens can deliver.

I thought adding Earlens to my practice was an outstanding way to expand what we do, which is always to try and provide excellence of care and better hearing. The Earlens system really fits that bill. Earlens provides an opportunity to differentiate my practice because we’re able to provide a hearing system that is better than any hearing aid and also will help solve a problem that many patients can’t solve with other hearing devices. — Neil Sperling, MD, FACS, Otologist, New York City

Meeting a growing public mandate

Hearing loss represents a major public health concern. Not only is it the third most common health problem in the United States, but it incurs significant costs—both to the individual, as well as society.

The benefits of treating hearing loss are manifold. After all, hearing loss is associated with a range of health conditions, including depression, falls and heart attack. But perhaps more importantly, a recent Lancet Commissions review addressing prevention and intervention strategies associated with dementia identified hearing loss as the top potentially modifiable risk factor for preventing dementia among people aged 45-65.

From a societal perspective, researchers have found that untreated hearing loss is associated with more hospitalizations, increased risk of 30-day hospital readmission, increased risk of emergency department visits and longer hospital stays. Yet, only 16% of patients who would benefit from amplification have used a hearing aid. Sources here.

Benefits Include:

Onsite clinical training support

Staff coaching on presentation skills and call handling

Business reviews

Co-op marketing support

Front office assessments

Lead generation collateral & digital content

A revolutionary approach to hearing care

Patient interest in Earlens has been extremely high. I think that people that have an experience with hearing loss are always looking for ways to improve how they’re hearing. So the fact that Earlens brings something very different into the portfolio really simplifies the marketing process.— Patti Ramos, AuD, Audiology Director

Transformative Results

Satisfy your patients with a solution that isn't available outside of a partnered physician and audiologist environment.