A revolution in hearing technology and care

Distinguish your practice and product offering with the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution.

Not an ordinary hearing aid

The Earlens Processor captures sound and converts it to an ultra low-power radio signal that carries high-fidelity audio data and powers the Lens. The Lens gently vibrates the eardrum to activate the natural hearing system. And all this is achieved with a signal that is less than 1/400th of the power output of a mobile phone.

Provide full spectrum of sound for patients

Acoustic device receivers face fundamental output limitations — particularly in the very low and very high frequencies in the real ear. Only Earlens provides audiometrically proven functional gain from 125 to 10,000 Hz even in a vented condition, with an average of 30-40 dB functional gain at 6,000 Hz and demonstrated audibility through 10,000 Hz.

The most significant difference for me is how Earlens delivers the sound to the ear. You can intuitively think about vibrations in a direct drive system versus an acoustic signal in that when the sound is delivered directly to the eardrum as opposed to through a tiny speaker, you will get a much improved sound quality. The expanded bandwidth from the low end to the high end comes out in patient performance and outcomes.—Scott Yerdon, AuD

Grow your practice with Earlens

Sustain your competitive advantage and grow your business with Earlens. As the first and only nonsurgical hearing solution to directly vibrate the eardrum, Earlens is a truly differentiated solution. In an era where providers of acoustic hearing aids are increasingly competing on price, Earlens can help protect and even grow your revenue.

Extensive education and support

Cobranded marketing support

Advanced practice analytics

Patient interest in Earlens has been extremely high. I think that people that have an experience with hearing loss are always looking for ways to improve how they’re hearing. So the fact that Earlens brings something very different into the portfolio really simplifies the marketing process. — Patti Ramos, AuD, Audiology Director

Transformative Results

Extended bandwidth in a coupler means nothing if it doesn’t translate into real patient benefits. While acoustic hearing aids  have trouble delivering meaningful audibility in the higher and lower frequencies, Earlens users consistently demonstrate full bandwidth audibility, even in an open fitting.