A new lens on hearing care

Deliver unparalleled hearing care with Earlens, a TIME Magazine top 100 invention of 2020.

Built by experts for experts

The magic is in the lens

Only Earlens directly vibrates the eardrum to replicate the natural hearing process. Earlens delivers more complete sound than any other hearing device on the market by sending sound directly to the eardrum without a speaker. That means your patients get rich, natural sound and meaningful audibility from 100-10,000 Hz even in an open fitting.

The behind-the-ear Processor is fully rechargeable and programmed for patients using the Earlens fitting software
The custom Ear Tip sends high fidelity audio data and power to the Lens
The custom Lens is designed for stability, comfort and durability, for 24/7/365 wear

For so many years, the ENT community has released the patient to Audiology for rehabilitation. I think Earlens pulls us back together so that the patient is very aware that it’s the partnership between the ENT and Audiologist that makes them successful.
— Patti Ramos, Audiology Director, ENT Associates of South Florida

Audibility without compromise


As the world’s first and only nonsurgical direct drive technology, only Earlens can deliver high gain and meaningful audibility across the 100-10,000 Hz range without occluding the ear. And, since Earlens transmits sound without an acoustic signal, it naturally reduces the occurrence of feedback.

A unique product and partnership

The premium hearing experience you can offer with Earlens goes beyond a conventional hearing aid product, giving you the ability to differentiate your practice and grow your business.

Committed to your success

We want to ensure the best possible experience — not just for our patients, but for our providers. As a result, when you become an Earlens provider, we invest in your success.

Satisfy more patients

Differentiate your practice

Grow your hearing device revenue

Increase patient loyalty

Access education and support

Broaden your care portfolio

With Earlens I had no trouble at all hearing everyone at the table clearly. It was amazing— Richard H.