Unique Fit

Earlens is fully customized for your ears and hearing loss

Built just for you

Your ears are as unique as you are. That’s why every patient gets a custom solution from Earlens, built to ensure comfort, and optimal sound quality. When you choose Earlens, your ENT physician will take an impression of your ear that will be used to build your Lens, as well as the Ear Tip that is worn in the ear canal. Once your devices are ready, your audiologist will program your Processors based on your personal hearing needs.

Custom Lens

Each Lens is built based on the shape of your ear canal and eardrum. The custom nature of the Lens makes it very stable during everyday activities like showering, exercising, or sleeping. The Lens does not require any batteries. It is powered by signals from the Ear Tip to gently vibrate the eardrum to activate your natural hearing system. 

Available in 3 colors:


Processor and Ear Tip

The Processor is worn discreetly behind the ear, while the custom molded Ear Tip sits comfortably within the ear canal. Earlens automatically adjusts to challenging listening environments, like restaurants, and will be programmed to your hearing needs by your audiologist.  Your audiologist can also create custom settings for the listening environments that are most important to you.

Available in 3 colors:


Rechargeable, Programmable

Earlens is conveniently rechargeable so you get a full day’s charge without ever having to change tiny batteries. Simply drop your Processors into the Earlens Charger until the indicator lights show a full charge. Fast, wireless charging means you can hear when you need to.

Works anywhere, anytime

Take calls and stream music directly with unparalleled streaming sound quality from your Apple device through your Earlens. Discretely adjust your volume and settings on the go, locate your Earlens Processors, and access helpful tutorial videos.

I really love the fact that Earlens has just changed my life. I can go to the movies. I can take my classes. I can go to the book club. I can go to the symphony. The other hearing aids made things really loud. I could hear my shoelaces as they lay on the ground. Now I can hear what I really want to hear.— Carol L.

Guidance and care are included

Earlens combines the care of an ENT physician and audiologist. Learn more about our high-level, medical approach to hearing healthcare.