A revolution in hearing technology and care

Amazing hearing requires premium care and a custom fit

Hear what you’ve been missing

You wouldn’t play a piano that was missing some of its keys, or start a puzzle that didn’t have all of its pieces. When you’re looking for a hearing solution, wouldn’t you want the most complete sound possible?

Conventional hearing aids have trouble amplifying sounds across a full bandwidth, which is why users often report that things sound “tinny” or “unnatural”.  Earlens works with your natural hearing system by directly vibrating the eardrum–so you hear the full spectrum of sound, the way nature intended.

I can hear the birds that I never heard before. It's like experiencing more of the world, and it's very pleasurable. And, it's very empowering.—Barbara W.

Guidance and care are included

Get the premium hearing care you deserve. With Earlens, you’ll be under the care of an ENT physician and audiologist, with access to remote support from the Earlens Concierge.

No two ears are alike

Every ear is different, which is why we believe in a “one size fits one” solution. Every Earlens solution is completely customized to your needs, from the fit to the programming. Hear the difference with a solution that is designed from start to finish in order to optimize your unique listening experience.

With Earlens, I had no trouble hearing everyone at the table clearly. It was amazing.— Richard H.

On-the-go convenience

Earlens Made for iPhone technology lets you take phone calls and stream music directly from select Apple devices – directly through your Earlens.  The rechargeable Processor means that you never have to change tiny batteries when you’re out and about. Simply drop your Processors into the Earlens Charger each night for a full day’s charge the next day.

Made for iPhone technology

No acoustic feedback

Rechargeable batteries

It's like having all your hearing back. It's like being an 18-year old again in your hearing .— Steven D