Frequently Asked Questions

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Technology Overview

How is Earlens different from conventional hearing aids?
Earlens directly vibrates the eardrum instead of relying on speakers to amplify sound. This enables Earlens to amplify sound across the broadest frequency range on the market, including higher frequencies that are important for speech understanding and sound quality.1
Are there different programs for various listening situations?
Yes, your Earlens Provider can create customized programs for use in different listening situations.
What size battery does the Earlens hearing solution use?
The Processor has an internal rechargeable battery. Each night, you will simply dock the Processor in the included charger.
Is there a battery in the lens that sits on my eardrum?
No, the Lens is powered by the energy emitted by the Ear Tip, and does not require a battery.
Can I connect my Earlens to my smartphone?
Currently, Earlens is compatible with the Apple iPhone. You can take calls and stream music with your iPhone through your Earlens. To learn more, visit https://www.earlens.com/patients/support/.

What It’s Like to Wear Earlens

What is it like to wear the Earlens Contact Hearing Solution?
Users report that Earlens delivers a unique sound – described as rich and natural. In a clinical study, 3 out of 4 users reported Earlens improved their hearing in noisy environments vs. their prior hearing aids.
Is the lens permanent?
No, the Lens can be removed at any time by an Earlens-trained Ear, Nose and Throat Physician.
Can you feel the lens in your ear?
Just like any hearing technology, wearing the Lens takes some time to get used to. Most users feel a slight sensation when it is first placed on the eardrum, but that feeling goes away quickly.
How does the lens stay in place?
The custom design of the Lens makes it very stable. The Lens rests on the eardrum, much like a contact lens conforms to the eye. After the Lens is placed, you will be given instructions on how to apply mineral oil to the Lens to help keep it in place and working properly.
Can I remove and reinsert Earlens?
The rechargeable behind-the-ear Processor with an attached Ear Tip can be removed and reinserted by the user. However, the Lens is designed for insertion and removal only by a trained ENT physician.

Pricing and Insurance

Does insurance cover Earlens?
Most insurance plans do not cover hearing aids. Please contact your healthcare insurance provider, or a certified Earlens Provider to find out if your plan covers Earlens.
Is there a trial period?
Yes, please discuss the details of the trial period with your Earlens Provider.
Is there a warranty?
Earlens comes with a 3-year warranty. Within the warranty period, there is no charge for component replacement due to manufacturing defects, and software upgrades to your Earlens are provided at no charge. The system is also protected against loss or damage with one-time replacement coverage. Please consult with your local Earlens Hearing Professional for any additional costs beyond the warranty period.

Maintenance and Care

Can I shower or swim with Earlens on?
After removing the behind-the-ear Processor and Ear Tip, you can shower or swim as you normally would. If you swim regularly, we suggest using a pair of earplugs.
How often do I need to see my doctor or audiologist with the Earlens Hearing Solution?
After the initial fitting and fine-tuning of your devices, we suggest that you see your Earlens Hearing Professional once a year or as needed.
Is earwax buildup a problem for the Earlens Hearing Solution?
Earwax generally does not cause problems with Earlens. However, we advise against using cotton swabs like Q-Tips or any other self-cleaning instrument, which could damage your Lens. Once you are fitted with Earlens, you will be provided with mineral oil and instructions on how to apply it to help move earwax out of the ear canal.
If there is a problem with my lens, can I use my old hearing aids as a backup?
If necessary and depending on the style of your current hearing device, you may be able to use it by removing the Processor and Ear Tip portions of your Earlens. Please consult with your Earlens Hearing Professional before using a conventional hearing aid with your Lens in place.
Where can I find the Instructions for Use?
Please call the Earlens Concierge at 844-264-5367 to request a hard copy of the instructions for use. View them online at https://www.earlens.com/indications-for-use/.