The best hearing requires a lens

Unlike traditional hearing aids that just make sounds louder through a speaker, Earlens offers the world’s only nonsurgical lens to directly vibrate the eardrum.

Earlens on Fingertip

It’s how sound was meant to be heard

The magic is in the lens

Only Earlens uses a small lens placed directly on the eardrum to vibrate and activate your natural hearing process. By sending sound information directly to the eardrum without a speaker, you get more complete sound than any other hearing device on the market. The result? Rich, natural sound.

The behind-the-ear Processor is fully rechargeable and programmed for your unique hearing needs
The custom Ear Tip that sends sound information to the Lens is made using impressions of your ear canal
The custom Lens is designed for stability, comfort and durability, for 24/7/365 wear
Earlens has changed my life dramatically. I go to social events more often now, because I can follow conversations— Carol L.


A solution like no other

The most complete sound available

Premium hearing healthcare

Custom fit for your ears and lifestyle

Made for iPhone technology

No acoustic feedback

Rechargeable — no batteries to change

With Earlens I had no trouble at all hearing everyone at the table clearly. It was amazing
— Richard H.

How can we help you?

Personalized, premium care

Earlens is fit by a physician and audiologist to ensure a comprehensive medical approach to hearing loss

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